Product Name: Avantis Mini
Company: KMS Pet Product Nig. Ltd.

Product Information

A formula specially designed for adult mini dog breeds with kibbles adapted to their size and with the necessary nutrients to satisfy their demanding metabolism.


Avantispet Mini formula is specially designed for adult mini dog breeds. It is a carefully formulated dog food with kibbles adapted to mini dog breed sizes and contains the necessary nutrients to satisfy their demanding metabolism. This dog food offers triple action that strengthens the immune system, facilitates digestion and provides antioxidant properties to keep dogs’ immune systems in perfect condition. It also helps dogs maintain a healthy heart, offers dental protection, strengthens teeth and bones and helps them stay in shape. The great taste and texture of Avantispet Mini not only keeps dogs in optimal health but also has a taste that dogs love and crave.


Cereals (33%), Meat and animal by-products (chicken 4%, beef 4%). By-products of vegetable origin (beet pulp 2%). Vegetables (peas 4%). Oils and fats (from chicken). Mineral Substances. Thyme (300 mg / kg). Calendula (300 mg / kg). Sage (300 mg / kg). Rosa canina (300 mg / kg).



Vitamin A15,000 IU / Kg
Vitamin D1,500 IU / Kg
Vitamin E 380 mg / Kg
Iron (ferrous sulfate monohydrate)60 mg / Kg
Iodine (potassium iodide)2.8 mg / Kg
Copper (cupric sulfate pentahydrate)8 mg / Kg
Manganese (manganous sulfate monohydrate)6 mg / Kg
Selenium (sodium selenite)0.12 mg / Kg


Dog Weight (Kg)Recommended amount (g / day)


Crude protein28.00%
Crude oils and fats14.00%
Gross Fibers3.50%
Inorganic material8.00%

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