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    We commit ourselves to provide every Nigerian individual and household only the best quality products at the most affordable price, in the most convenient setting, and in the most professional manner. In so doing, we believe we are significantly contributing to the elevation of service standards as well as the development of the market economy

    Ubereness manufacture, trades, and distribute confectionery, powder milk, flavored milk, tea, and tea drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. Maker of Milkquick (Banana & Milk Flavor) Sachets. Pop-It, Tea  Powders: Hot Ginger, Cosy Iced & Tea Pot, Costa: Gum, Chikki Candy, Koffee Candy, Bubble Gum: Coolsmith, Center Shoot, 10shots Juicy Chewing Gum, Ice Lolly Candies: Kacha Aam & Orange Flavor, Imli Pop deposited. Choco  Jems, Yummy Choco Chew, Zobo Tea (Peach & Lemon) , Zobo Ginger (Ginger Based & Exotic. Nido Orange Carbonated Drink, Nido Lemon with Vit. C Carbonated Drink.

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    Our mission is to create and offer only the best quality and highest value to consumers, trade partners, employees and other stakeholders

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