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Givanas Industry Nigeria Limited awarded the ‘cleanest Industrial environment’ award in Lagos - Givanas Group

Givanas Industry Nigeria Limited has emerged winner of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria’s (MAN) award for being the “Best Kept Industrial Premises in 2022”.

The award for the cleanest business environment in Lagos was organized by MAN Apapa branch among its manufacturing member companies. While congratulating Givanas Industry Nigeria Limited, the Executive Secretary, MAN, Apapa Branch, explained that the award was initiated to encourage manufacturers to employ safe and clean practices in the course of production in line with global best practices which Givanas Industry Nigeria excelled in flying colors.

Givanas Industry Nigeria Limited Award

According to him, the measure is part of MAN’s contributions toward environmental protection in the state. “Each time we go on inspection, we go with officials of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA, Federal Ministry of Environment, and other regulatory bodies to ensure compliance,” he added.

Givanas Industry Nigeria attributed the award to the company’s innovative and world-class approach to health and safety management in the country. The sister company of Givanas Industry, Givanas Cosmetics came second behind Givanas Industry in the ranking. The two company are part of Givanas Group – which continue to raise and maintain its standard in environmental protection.

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